The fusion between martial arts and Qi-- the energy that flows through and around the human body, physically and psychically— is a difficult idea to comprehend for outsiders to the practice of Shaman, but for those students who choose this course, this much they know: one cannot exist without the other. The most powerful martial arts are driven by Zen-like spirituality and the most powerful magic effected only through flawless physical execution.

Students of Shamanism must grade highly in both intelligence and agility.

Accomplished Shamans are students who can sway the fate of entire battles with a myriad of skills and abilities. Shaman students can minor in Spears, which gives them heightened attack power but prevent them from using spells. To cast spells, Shaman students need to minor in Wands, which allows them to cast powerful healing and buffering spells in support of fellow students.

It always helps to have Shaman in your class because, as you will realize soon enough during your tenure on campus, the balance of your existence may depend on them


Status Base Points Growth Rate
Pow 20000 0.40
Dex 10 0.33
Int 400 0.85
Vit 32 4.00
Stm 6 2.60



This stat point attribute increases the physical attack power of the shaman class. Most shaman players increase this attribute to a maximum of 175 in order to master one of the most useful buff of this class, Gift of Lords or in a RAN language, GOL. Since, RAN Online is a very dynamic game, where changes and updates usually occur, the attributes of the Shaman Class usually change in lieu with the most recent updates of the game. With the most recent patch, which also introduces the Assassin Class, the shaman evolved into a more complex hybrid. With the release of the 207 skills, most shamans, upgrade this attribute to master the 207 skill, Scorching Strike. This skill can STUN enemies within its line of effect, preventing them to use their skills and potions. Also grants a chance to passively steal an enemy's hit points depending on the skills level. Because of these effects , POW type shamans are needed during boss monster hunts, PVP, Club Wars and the recently added player kill mode, the School Wars. More hybrid shamans emerged utilizing both the Scorching Strike skill and the support type shamans 207 Rampage Skill. So if you want to be a lone wolf or a great boss-killing machine this stat attribute is a MUST.

Intelligence (Attack/Offensive)Edit

A Shaman build that deals massive damages to enemies in one hit with long casting animations.

Intelligence (Support)Edit