Classes are divided into four types: Brawler, Archer, Swordsman and Shaman. As of now the Extreme, Gunner, Assassin, Magician and Shaper Classes have been added and are featured in the game to further enhance and spice up the gameplay. These classes are further divided by Power, Dexterity and Intellligence.

Classes of Ran Online: Edit

Brawler: Close Range - Gauntlets

Skills - List of Brawler Skills

Archer: Long Range - Short Bows / Long Bows

Skills - List of Archer Skills

Swordsman: Close/Mid Range - Swords / Blades

Skills - List of Swordsman Skills

Shaman: Mid/Close Range - Wands / Spears

Skills - List of Shaman Skills

Extreme: Close/Long Range - Gauntlets / Bows / Swords / Wands

Skills - List of Extreme Skills

Scientist: Long Range - Sniper Rifle / Portal Gun / Twin Pistols / Shotguns

Skills - List of Scientist Skills

Assassin: Close range - Scythe / Shuriken / Dual Swords

Skills - List of Assassin Skills

Magician: Close/Mid Range - Stave / Whip / Cube

Skills - List of Magician Skills

Shaper: Close/Mid Range - Shield / Hammer / Umbrella

Skills - List of Shaper Skills

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